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  • Posted on June 14, 2016

    "We need more than moments of silence, we need some's just really time we give them more."

    At what point do we say we've had enough? When will Congress act on gun violence? Our country is better than this. The longer we wait,

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  • Posted on June 07, 2016

    In 2014, 58% of registered women voted in Monroe County didn’t vote. Ladies, it’s time to get serious.

    Just this week, women of all ages, from fourth grade to grandmothers (and one husband) joined me to ramp up what is one of the mo

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  • Posted on June 05, 2016

    Wishing everyone in Rochester and around the world a blessed #Ramadan!

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  • Posted on June 01, 2016

    Today marks the beginning of Pride Month. I am proud to be an ally of Rochester's thriving LGBTQ community and I promise to continue to fight to ensure equality for all, in all areas of our lives, from marriage to employment, housing to healthcare. #

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  • Posted on May 27, 2016

    As you enjoy the holiday with your friends and family, take some time to remember those who bravely served our country to keep us safe. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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